What is Ready Mix Concrete (RMX)?

RMX is concrete already manufactured in a factory or batching plant based on a set engineered mix design.
Why do people prefer using RMX?

  • It is weight batched using a highly controlled and computerized process.
  • Deliveries are done to the site in our transit mixers ready for use.
  • Guarantees quality, timely deliveries, and pumping of concrete.
  • Reduces labor costs, pollution, and wastage of materials.
  • Efficient and reduces environmental pollution.

What are the benefits of using RMX?

  • Dependable Quality: It is laboratory tested and weight batched to ensure better quality.
  • Saves Time and Effort: because our plant and equipment can adapt to your project timeframe.
  • Saves Space and Related costs: No on-site stockpiling and no need for Council Permits for sidewalk piling.
  • Raw Material Utilization: No wastage during the batching process as the quantity delivered is in line with building specifications and eliminates the problem of cement pilfering.
  • Environmental Standards Compliance: Eliminates noise caused by site mixers and large mixing gangs. No dust and noise pollution caused by bagged cement on site.

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