The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year will be on Nov. 27 in 2020. This marks the start of the Christmas holiday shopping season for consumers, meaning retailers often heavily promote their stores and mark down prices to entice shoppers to buy products both online and offline. This being Najengaonline’s first annual Black Friday sales promotions to our customers, we plan to ensure that potential and active consumers get only the best possible experience!!!

Najengaonline will ensure that all November Fridays are featured as Black Friday deals. We plan to make the best out of this event to not only drive sales but to increase maximum interaction with both potential and active customers with us through enquiries on our social media platforms, deals and orders made. This will enable consumers to finally have a chance to see what Najengaonline is all about and all it has to offer. This way we can all forge forward to making great partnerships with each other as your most trusted construction and hardware materials distributor.

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Offers on various construction materials will be put up on our social media enabling customers to make purchases by the hour of their preferred items. Look out for offers from your most trusted brands such as MRM and Imarisha for your Iron sheets, Storage water tanks from Mamba and Roto and last but not least some cypress for everyone!! Customers are guaranteed to each grab something for themselves as there is something for everyone here at Najengaonline.

The Dream Team at Najengaonline is fully experienced in managing all your full-time enquiries, order-fulfilments and to offer outstanding service for our esteemed customers full-time. So make the most of the out of the great deals on offer in construction materials at Najengaonline before this shopping season closes!

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