All You Need to Know About Biodigesters in Kenya

Kenyans living far away from sewerage treatment plants and exhaust services have seen the need to invest in Biodigesters. This aside, land has become scarce in urban areas of Kenya. Kenyans therefore are opting for Biodigesters in order to save space.

" A Biodigester is a device or structure specially designed concrete, metal, or plastic structures that provide anaerobic environments where organic matter is broken down into sludge, water, and gas."
Biodigesters are used for domestic and commercial waste management, waste water management, as replacements for traditional pit latrines and for generating biogas that is used for heating and lighting.
Biodigesters are constructed for different purposes. Some are made for managing household waste from the kitchen, bathrooms, and toilets. Others are made to manage waste water produced from domestic or commercial premises as well as institutions that produce large amounts of organic waste like agricultural factories, schools, and jails among others. Other are made to work in place of traditional pit latrines. Others are made for generating bio-gas that is then used for lighting and heating.
Putting up a biodigester in Kenya for any of the above reasons offers long term benefits to the users. It has led to the creation of a cleaner and healthier environment where they have been put up. Streets, schools, living, and working spaces have improved in terms of cleanliness. Bio latrines that have replaced the traditional pit latrines have improved cleanliness and done away with the bad smell they are associated with. They have also increased the recycling of waste water that is then mostly used for cleaning and irrigation.
Biodigesters can be a real game changer in Kenyan cities like Nairobi where people depend on exhaust services and the ageing Ruai Sewerage Treatment Plant. At NajengaOnline.Com we have three different size categories of biodigesters available.
These include:
1.Standard biodigester: This is the smallest size which can handle between 1-30 continuous users.
2.Medium biodigester: The medium size biodigester can handle between 30-120 continuous users.
3.Large biodigester: This is the biggest size available and can handle from 120 and above continuous users.
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