Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week is celebrated annually during the first full week in October. This being Najenga Online's first celebration, we acknowledge fully and appreciate those people who have ben on the frontlines in serving and supporting customers on a daily basis.

   Najenga Online built on customer service understands and anticipates consumers’ needs. It makes available goods and services to meet those needs and builds products that perform to customer expectations. It then packages them carefully, labels them correctly, sells them at a fair price, delivers them as scheduled and follows up as necessary, to satisfy the customer.

Najenga Online’s commitment to service is what has led to customer loyalty and genuine improvements at the bottom line.  Our employees have been empowered with opportunities to make a difference as customer service professionals; where Najenga Online meets its customers; where supply meets demand. With simple courtesy and responsive policies and procedures set in place at Najenga Online, the workforce goes a long way toward ensuring customer satisfaction and eliciting the next round of orders and purchases.

The 2020 Customer Service Week theme is “Dream Team”. The Theme reflects the importance of teamwork in providing outstanding service to all customers. Najenga Online is quite the Dream Team adapting to change, striving for excellence and valuing teamwork.


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