Moyashield WR - Water Dispersed Silane Siloxane Based Impregnating Water Repellent

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Water dispersed silane siloxane based water repellent
Used as a clear coat to protect concrete surfaces, stone cladding, coloured plasters, parking decks, bridges, decorative renders, tiles, tile grouts, etc.

Features and Benefits

• Deep penetrating sealer.
• Reduces water and chloride intrusion.
• Non staining
• Ready to use & easy to apply
• Chemically resistant to fuels, atmospheric contaminants & oils
• Suitable for many substrates
• Significantly reduces absorption of water whilst allowing the substrate to breathe
• Helps to prevent efflorescence
• Resistant to UV light
• No fire hazard during application
• Long term effectiveness over 5-10 years
• Decreases efflorescence
• Eco friendly and can be applied even in closed environment