Pozzolanic Mombasa Cement – “KP Silver” – CEM IV/B 32.5N

Price : Ksh600.00 /pc
1000 pc Available
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K.P-Silver is ideally suited for General purpose applications, Mass concreting work, Masonry mortars and plastering, Domestic floors and Brick & blocks making.K.P-Silver has a low heat of hydration and reduces the leaching of calcium hydroxide.K.P-Silver is of consistent quality meeting all the conformity criteria of the KEBS standards.To achieve optimum performance of KP-Silver ensure that it is not mixed with any other type of cement and the correct proportion of raw material is used. It is important to ensure that concrete and plasters are kept moist for at least 7 days to prevent cracking. Spray water gently on the surface to prevent from drying out.